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Whether at the beginning of a relationship contract or the end, matters of the heart are never easy and when finance, child custody, and material assets are involved it is best to have everything laid out and as clearly as possible from day one. If you are in need of a prenuptial agreement, assistance with adoption, or if life has taken you down an unexpected path somewhere along the way and you need a divorce, mediation or child custody attorney, with 18 years of experience, Lori Barkus of Barkus Law is your answer.  

Florida family law is complex. Having a knowledgeable qualified attorney acting on your behalf is in your best interest. Contact Barkus Law today to schedule a consultation. Lori Barkus has provided legal advice and representation to clients throughout South East Florida since 2005. She understands that having to deal with matters of family law can create stress and upheaval within the family structure. Her goal is to help guide you through these trying times in the most effective, and cost-efficient way possible to obtain the best possible outcome for you and your family.    

You can count on Barkus Law to be there for expert guidance and support from start to finish allowing you breathing room and peace of mind in these trying times. If you have further questions regarding family law and or divorce that are not addressed here on our website, do not hesitate to contact Barkus Law.  

We accept all major credit cards as payment for services and can be reached by calling (954) 349-7988 or by going to http://barkuslaw.com/contact-us/ and completing our quick online form.


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