FREE Florida family law resource guides

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Barkus Law is pleased to offer the following resource guides. The following are for general information only and are not legal advice. There is no attorney-client relationship created by offering or downloading these guides. It is recommended that you speak with a family law attorney about any specific questions relating to your situation.Father lifting son into the air

Florida co-parenting free resource guide:

Parenting can be stressful, especially if you are divorced, separated or never married. Barkuslaw’s free co-parenting resource guides provide helpful advice and tips for how to deal with parental conflict and how to create timesharing schedules.



Florida 50/50 timesharing or equal parenting:

Many Florida parents are choosing equal parenting or 50/50 timesharing in cases of divorce and separation. It can be difficult to figure out timesharing schedules, even when parents agree. Barkuslaw’s free guide to 50-50 parenting schedules can help parents figure out the best timesharing schedule for equal parenting. If you are looking for additional help, please visit our mediation without attorneys page.



Florida paternity free resource guide:

Florida’s paternity laws can be confusing. Barkuslaw’s resource guide for fathers offers general information and helpful tips for unmarried fathers.



Florida free resource guide for mothers:

General information about Florida child custody laws and resources for unmarried mothers.


Florida alimony free resource guide:

Florida alimony laws are challenging. If you are paying alimony and your circumstances change, you may need to file for a modification. Although it is never recommended that you do this on your own, sometimes financial circumstances make it difficult to hire a lawyer. Barkuslaw’s free alimony resource guide gives you helpful information about some of the do’s and dont’s of alimony modification. If you are looking for additional legal help without paying a high retainer, please visit our unbundled services page.