Unbundled Legal Services

Strategic Consulting and Limited Scope Representation | Legal Services in Florida & Colorado

Why hire us?

Barkus Law offers affordable and cost effective solutions for clients who wish to handle some or most of the work themselves on a legal matter. Many people cannot afford legal services, or do not want to pay large upfront retainers or tens of thousands of dollars on unnecessary legal work. Some firms and legal service plans offer to provide these services, but many outsource the work to less experienced lawyers or those who do not practice family law. I have 18 years experience, most of which as a family law attorney, mediator, collaborative attorney and guardian ad litem. I am willing to put that experience to work for you in a less costly manner.

What is limited assistance representation?

Limited Assistance Representation: this means I can help you with the legal services you need, while you handle certain parts on the case on your own. After a thorough strategy session, I will give you a summary of issues and a checklist, so you can do some of the work yourself, knowing that you have a lawyer to help with the parts you can’t do alone. Examples include drafting your divorce documents, but you file them yourself, reviewing a parenting plan, preparing a settlement agreement, doing legal research for you etc. This makes the process more affordable for you. Many of my fees are a flat rate or at a discounted hourly rate. Every case is unique, and each client has a different skill set, but I will work with you to figure out the best strategy for your legal situation.

What is strategic consulting?

One of the things many forget about family law is the need for strategizing. This does not mean “how do I beat the other side”, but is more about how do I move this case to a close, especially where the other side and/or their  attorney is dragging things out. For those who are handling their case on their own, or who need a second opinion, we offer consulting services on an as needed or monthly basis. During these sessions, we will discuss the best strategy for proceeding in court or out of court. I can also coach the client on how to represent him/herself in court.

This strategy is not for everyone and should not replace legal advice when facing a complex legal situation.

How does the process work?

In order to ensure that we continue to provide the same quality and ethical level of service, we offer an extended consultation and case evaluation coupled with a strategic summary and case plan recommendation for a highly discounted price. This will allow us as well as the client to determine and assess the need for legal services as well as the client’s ability to handle a portion of those services.

What client’s can expert from the evaluation:

  • A complete review of your legal situation prior to the consultation.
  • In depth consultation in person or via telephone
  • A case plan which includes action steps, available resources and strategy for proceeding.

If additional assistance is needed for review and evaluation, we will offer a discounted rate for that service.

We also offer a discounted rate for any future limited assistance representation/consulting services.

Other services

At Barkuslaw, we recognize that you are more than just another case, and that there are many things going on at once for you at this time. Many people are struggling with the emotional and financial strain of divorce or paternity matters. When children are involved and custody is at issue, this can be the most emotionally trying time of your life. While most lawyers will tell you not to call your lawyer to vent about these issues (and I agree, because it adds to your fees, which only increases your stress), this doesn’t offer any help in dealing with these issues.

Everyone needs someone to talk to, and sometimes the best person for that is someone going through a similar situation. We work in connection with various support groups and therapists who can help provide the assistance that you need at this time. It is important to remember that you are not alone in this process. We help connect you with others who can help provide much needed support and assistance during this trying time.

Is there a free consultation?

Because of the scope of information, time and value we provide with this service, we cannot offer it free of charge. Many of the “free consultations” provide little to no advice, and are only offered to induce parties into paying a large upfront retainer. Many inexperienced attorneys charge lower fees, only to not provide the scope of work or to insist on more money after the fact, as they did not understand the legal situation as a whole. Legal plans offer highly discounted rates, but limited services and no comprehensive solutions to the legal and emotional problems of divorcing or separated parents. When you contact Barkuslaw, you will work directly with an experienced family law attorney who is also a mediator and a guardian ad litem. The information you receive comes from a wide range of family law knowledge. Many of our clients report that they find our consultation process to be extremely valuable and worthwhile. We will do everything possible to make sure you do as well.

Please contact us if you have questions or to set up an appointment or evaluation.